How to Clean Your Sex Toys

If you haven’t heard, there is a scary virus called COVID-19 out there that is making people wash their hands more often. When a lot of us are more aware now of our surroundings, what we touch and why we should wash our hands, some of us are still neglecting to clean our sex toys.

Why should you clean your sex toys?

If anything is going inside you, make sure that it is clean. By washing your sex toys properly, you will prevent:

Bacterial buildup- You don’t want anything funky and weird growing on your sex toys, so make sure to wash them properly. A dirty toy can lead to infections and other issues that can take you to the emergency room. No one wants to explain to a doctor that the reason you’re there is because you didn’t wash your sex toys since you got them.

Improve Longevity of the Toy- By cleaning your toy and drying it properly, you will help make sure that it stays in tip-top shape and is ready for action. Your toys are an investment and you want them to last a long time. Proper care will help with this.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys?

Most, if not all, sex toys come with care instructions. You should always read them or save them so that you can properly clean your sex toys. Since not all sex toys are made from the same material they shouldn’t be handled the same way.

Warm water and soap- Most sex toys can be cleaned using warm water and soap. If you have a motorized toy, such as a vibrator, make sure to remove the battery and not get the battery entrance wet. Silicone, glass and stainless steel sex toys can be washed using a damp cloth and soap. Make sure that the soap is not fruity as they can dry and irritate your skin.

Rubbing Alcohol- You can also wipe down your stainless steel, glass and silicone toys with 70% rubbing alcohol to kill off germs. Be sure to wash them with warm water afterwards and properly dry the toys.

Boiling Water- For your stainless steel, stone or pyrex sex toys, you can also place them in boiling water for ten minutes. This should kill off any bacteria and remove dirt particles. Again, be sure to clean and dry your toys fully before storing them away.

What not to use to clean sex toys?

Perfumes and lotions should not be used on sex toys, especially if they are porous. Perfumes and body lotions should not enter your body anally, vaginally or orally. They can cause a reaction, itching and mess up your body’s pH balance.

If you have plastic or jelly rubber sex toys, it’s best to use condoms with them. This can help protect the toys since they are porous and can trap in particles.